Saturday, October 31, 2009

Watch 24 Season 8 on Jan 2010

Watch 24 Season 8 Streaming - 24 Season 8 will premiere on January 17, 2010.

Update: 1st episode of 24 season is now available. Please visit the link above.


Anonymous said...

cant wait for season 8,tks 4 ur effort.we really appreciate it

Anonymous said...

2 dayS!

Anonymous said...

will this episode be uploaded today? and if so do u know what time?

admin said...

hi guys. sorry for the late upload. i was kinda busy at work. lolz.. :)


Anonymous said...

hey what happened to season 8, episode 8?

admin said...

hi its updated already.

watch american dad episodes said...

seaon 8 is good.i really enjoy this.your blog is nice to watch 24 episodes online.

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katie said...

nice blog dear..keep it up and like ur posts... will be back again to read ur blog :)

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gulbahar youoogle said...

24 very good series with a very good actor